My Science-Fiction books

These follow a future history of Earth from the present until it enters the stage of knowing about aliens. Besides trying to write a good story (and only the readers can judge whether I have succeeded), I try to have the ultimate resolution through some logical approach rather than through some superhuman effort. In my novels, if someone gets a serious wound, they are excluded from further action other than shooting from a prone position. The books come in sets.
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Set 1
Economic collapse and the start of regeneration. These are currently available at most ebook stores.
Set 2
The problems from before remain on Earth, where governance settles into a corporatocracy, a little like an economic model foreseen by J K Galbraith, but much less tolerant of individuals. However, Mars becomes available for those who want individual freedom.
Set 3
A duology, set about 50 years after Jonathon Munros. As with set 1, more widely available.
Set 4
Five books, set from the 1st century to the 25th century.