Ian Miller

Gaius Claudius Scaevola's prophecy comes back on track when he gets to command a legion. He meets the most beautiful woman and ignores her as he makes a fundamental discovery, both required by the prophecy. But then the prophecy is strangely quiet about must happen next. He falls in love, only to find that her father is plotting to overthrow Claudius, the one man who has supported him. He must restore his love, stop the plot, somehow complete the tasks outlined by Athene, then somehow make Claudius recognized by the army as an Imperator when Claudius has no military experience and his stance and stuttering make everyone think he is a fool. Only the last task seems even plausible when Claudius transfers him to Legio XX Valeria, a legion that Caligulae considered so ill-disciplined as to be useless, and he must get it up to the level required, then to participate in the invasion of Britain. Everything seems hopeless, but if he is to support Claudius he must continue. Legatus Legionis is the second book in the Gaius Claudius Scaevola series

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Legatus Legionis