Community policy

By accessing and using or its associated apps (the “Service”), you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”), taken from our wider terms of use :

  • The Booklisti community is united by a love of books—but we all have different tastes, backgrounds and lived experiences. We expect members of our community to be courteous and respectful of others’ opinions and to refrain from posting unwelcome, aggressive, suggestive or otherwise inappropriate remarks directed at another member.
  • You must not use the Service for any malicious means, or to abuse, harass, threaten, intimidate or impersonate any other member. You must not request or attempt to solicit personal or identifying information from another member.
  • Creativity of expression has a home on Booklisti, hate does not. You must not use the Service to promote, engage in or incite hate, violence, discrimination or intolerance, including based on race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other protected attribute. We reserve the right to remove content that has the potential to harm values or communities we consider worthy of protection.
  • You must not plagiarize anyone else’s writing. Write your own reviews; name, quote and link (where available) your sources. If you are importing an external list, you must specify the list origin URL, attributing the list to the list source.
  • You must not use the service to promote books through fake accounts or paid reviews. Automated bots, review farms, and click farms are strictly prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content that we consider to be offensive, objectionable, unlawful, explicit, graphic or otherwise in breach of our terms. We reserve the right to remove content that expressly (or implicitly, such as through coded language, symbols, keywords or tags) praises, supports, promotes or represents white-nationalist or neighboring ideologies. We reserve the right to remove any content that disseminates misinformation, disinformation or related manipulations, including viral sloganeering.
  • If you do not abide by our Terms, we may terminate or suspend your account.
  • This policy is a living document: it is constantly updated to reflect new trends and evidence. Our moderating team of humans strives to understand evolving behavior, terms, stereotypes, context and forms of expression (including language related to empowerment and counter-speech in marginalized communities).
  • Basically, be kind to others.

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