Ian Miller

Dreams of revenge may be sweet, but the consequences are not, and there were plenty of desires for revenge going around. Jonathon Munro, rather pointlessly and for no good reason, wanted revenge on his wife. Others, for very good reasons, wanted revenge on him. Prolonged revenge required a substitute, and what is better than an android that is indistinguishable from the original and capable of learning everything about the original? Jonathon Munro had grown to be one of the most evil men imaginable, which meant that so would be the replacement. And what if there were to be more than one replacement? Worse still, Jonathon Munro had access to all Federation computer messages and he knew the secret of the Cydonian face. Once that secret was exposed, a treaty that protected Earth would expire. The clock was running, and unless the Jonathon Munros could be stopped, all civilization on Earth was at risk, either from the androids, the aliens, or both. But how do you stop machines with no conscience, and which follow no rules of society? Jonathon Munros completes the First Contact trilogy.

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Jonathon Munros