Michael Krozer

“We all take a different path to the same place.  Why we took the path we did will always be a mystery.” -Michael Krozer

I am a filmmaker and writer. As a filmmaker, I look for both subtle movements and outrageous juxtapositions in everyday life. There is always a story to document if one has the patience to recognize it. As a writer, I imbue my characters with multilayered motivations that are revealed through their interactions. I find that the greatest challenge in both endeavors is to portray life just as it is and not to let the tools of the trade get in the way.

I always look for relationships between seemingly disparate elements. These could be physical, intellectual, or emotional. For example, why are people attracted to each other or repelled? Are there ancient archeological secrets that could explain why nations and civilizations came to be or disappeared? Is there something in nature, like the organic, sonic 3D navigation capabilities of a bat that could be applied to military hardware, commercial devices, or implanted into humans who are blind? Could we learn anything from hive insects about societal organization that could be applied to human colonies on Mars, say, or in megastructures? In fact, the former informed the creation of brain enhancing wet neural nets and the latter, the creation of the new society depicted in the INVERSION saga. To me, artfully blending reality and fiction with action creates intellectual and emotional excitement.