Lambda Literary Awards 2022

Lambda Literary Awards, also known as the "Lammys", are awarded yearly by Lambda Literary to recognize the crucial role LGBTQ writers play in shaping the world. The Lammys celebrate the very best in LGBTQ literature.The awards were instituted in 1989.
The program has grown from 14 awards in early years to 24 awards today. Early categories such as HIV/AIDS literature were dropped as the prominence of the AIDS crisis within the gay community waned, and categories for bisexual and transgender literature were added as the community became more inclusive.
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Lesbian Fiction
Gay Fiction
Bisexual Fiction
Transgender Fiction
Bisexual Nonfiction
Transgender Nonfiction
LGBTQ Nonfiction
Lesbian Poetry Nonfiction
Gay Poetry
Bisexual Poetry
Transgender Poetry
Lesbian Memoir/Biography
Gay Memoir/Biography
Gay Romance
LGBTQ Anthology
LGBTQ Children’s/Middle Grade
LGBTQ Young Adult
LGBTQ Comics
LGBTQ Mystery
LGBTQ Speculative Fiction
LGBTQ Studies