Lynn M. Griesemer

After giving birth in the hospital four times in what I experienced as “assembly-line obstetrics,” I decided that my fifth child would be intentionally born at home with just me and my husband. It forever changed our lives and I’ve been an advocate since 1998, with the publication of Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love. I’m considered a pioneer in the freebirth / unassisted birth community. Women are disappointed and disillusioned with their birth experiences and I help put to rest the idea of a painful, discouraging birth experience, replacing it with the manifestation of your inner desires. A satisfying and successful birth is within reach.

Additionally, I’ve published books on other topics in which I have a certain level of expertise and passion. Public Speaking, Marriage, and Pornography are a few of those topics. I’m currently working on another book on Unassisted Homebirth / Freebirth and plan to write a book on Swimming.