Jo A. Hiestand

Hi! I’m an author who writes mysteries set in England and Scotland. That might not seem unusual, but I’m an American, born in and living in Missouri. I’ve loved Britain since my childhood, though I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until a decade ago that I discovered I have many centuries of Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish ancestors. Perhaps that contributed to my choices of reading material (mystery novels and histories) as well as to the series I write that is based in Derbyshire, EnglandThe McLaren Mysteries. Despite my passion for writing, I need police procedural help. I get that from police detective friends in Derbyshire. On the more mundane side, I graduated from Webster University with a BA in English and departmental honors. I’ve been honored to receive N.N. Light’s Book Heaven annual awards for “best mystery novel” and “best audiobook” for several years, as well as some “best book of the month” accolades from Long and Short Reviews. That’s icing on the writing cake!