David H. Mould

David Mould, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University, has traveled widely in Asia and southern Africa as a trainer and consultant for UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID and other international and government development agencies. Born in the UK, he worked as a newspaper and TV journalist before moving to the US in 1978. He has published books and articles on a range of historical topics, including news and documentary film in World War One, the 19th century transportation revolution in the U.S. Midwest, television coverage of the first Gulf War, post-Soviet media in Central Asia, and oral history. His travel essays and articles have been published in Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, Times Higher Education, History News Network and other print and online outlets.

Kirkus Reviews describes David as “a genial travel guide … an academic who does not write like an academic.” Rick Steves, in an interview for his Travel with Rick Steves radio show, said: “Monsoon Postcards doesn’t really read like a guidebook, it reads like you’ve got a friend who’s really connected and committed to these cultures. It gives an intimate look at the people and the heritage.”