Top 15 Books Every Animator Should Own

We have compiled a comprehensive list of our Top 15 books for animators and artists to advance their knowledge. This collection is our top picks, so go ahead and make space on that shelf! Why Books? Getting into animation is a tough but rewarding choice. In our digital day and age, there’s a plethora of online resources that can help you get started. But this isn’t always enough because free information doesn’t fill in all the knowledge gaps. Although we are dealing with the moving image here, animation books (yes books! these tactile objects that you have to manually handle and flip) have been for decades, the primary vehicle of knowledge teaching animators about and how to hone their craft. Whether it’s on character animation, how to build stop-motion armatures, UI/UX animations or anything else, there’s a book out there to suit your needs. To cater to everyone we have organised our recommendations into various sections.
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The Classics
Character Animation
Career & Freelancing