Steampunk Fans Will Love These 8 Novels

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, steampunk typically refers to a subgenre of science fiction or fantasy that takes place in a world powered by 19th century machinery. Typically these stories take place in a kind of alternate-historical environment (a lot of steampunk stories take place in an alternate Victorian England, though many are set elsewhere) that combines futuristic ideas with old-fashion technology. Think Disney's animated movie Atlantis or the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. If you've ever seen someone rocking a Victorian-looking gown complete with futuristic-looking guns and goggles at a comic convention, you've got an idea of what a steampunk cosplay costume looks like.Steampunk might not be for everyone, but I personally have always loved the aesthetic and have sought out books and movies that incorporate steampunk elements. While there are a ton of great steampunk books out there (and you should absolutely check out the works of Jules Verne, who many credit as being an early influence on the much later steampunk movement), I've picked out eight of my favorite steampunk novels below.
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