Brilliant “Sherlock” Descendants—The Master Detective Lives On!

As a writer of historical mysteries myself, I delight in finding new renditions of the Holmes and Watson detecting duo. Most of them have historical settings and are closely aligned with the late Victorian style of “consulting detective” who helps the usually bungling or slow-witted police. But recently there have been some very interesting and creative versions of Sherlock (and reliable sidekick Watson) that will entertain and provide thoughtful ruminations for the readers who love this genre. Here’s my list of the ones I love best.
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The Lady Sherlock Series
by Sherry Thomas (8 books)
The Liebermann Papers series
by Frank Tallis (7 books)
The Oscar Wilde Mysteries series
by Gyles Bandreth (6 books)
The Jane Austen Mysteries series
by Stephanie Barron (14 books)
Sherlock Holmes Bookstore Mysteries series
by Vicki Delany (9 books)