Books By Howard Yaruss

I am an economist, professor, attorney, businessman, and activist who greatly enjoys explaining complex issues in a clear, interesting and easily accessible way. I have taught a variety of courses on economics and business and currently teach at New York University. Prior to teaching, I served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Radian Group, one of the largest guarantors of debt in the world. I attended Brooklyn public schools and graduated from Brown University, studied at the London School of Economics and earned a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
By way of background, I grew up in a family that often faced financial difficulties and started working in my early teens in my father’s grocery store. These experiences made me painfully aware of the great disparities in education, security, material well-being and opportunity in our society. I felt that if I wanted to live in a more just and productive society, I first had to better understand how it worked. I hope my recommended books inspire others to gain that understanding as well.
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