The Best Running Books, According to Runners and Coaches

To find the best books for all types of runners, we asked for picks from a panel of 11 experts, including Roll; Jonathan Beverly, editor-in-chief of PodiumRunner and author of Your Best Stride; ultrarunner Kris Brown; Chris Chavez, Sports Illustrated writer and founder of the running website Citius Mag; running coach Elizabeth “Corky” Corkum; running coach Jason Fitzgerald; Erin Mink Garvey, blogger at Running Ruminations; Well + Good news writer Kells McPhillips; Katrina Miller, product manager at running apparel brand Rabbit; David Siik, co-founder and creative director of Precision Run; and David Spandorfer, co-founder of running apparel brand Janji. As always, each book comes recommended by at least two experts.
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