Best of Kids' and YA 2021

It’s my favorite time of year! No, not because of Halloween. Well, maybe just a little bit. No, not because of how the leaves turn orange and red and yellow. Well, yes, kind of that too. No, not because of jack-o’-lanterns and leaf piles and hot chocolate and sweaters and pumpkin patches and apple pies and candy and spooky stories and and and…
OK, I’m all excited now.
But the REAL reason I love this time of year is that this is when I get to gather up a list of our favorite kids’ and young adult books of the year! With stories of fantasy, mystery, adventure, diversity, friendship, love, and silliness, stories about enchanted forests and toad hats and old magic and rocks falling from the sky, we hope you’ll love these books as much as we do.
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For Younger Kids
For Older Kids
For Young Adults