The 30 Best Copywriting Books You Can Read In 2021

The most prolific writers are usually the most prolific readers, and that’s why virtually every copywriter you’ll ever meet will be able to give you their personal selection of the best copywriting books you can read. Except me. I hate ALL business books with the fierce passion of a thousand suns. And this is why I’m uniquely and counter-intuitively qualified to give you my curated selection of the best copywriting books you can read through this absolute clusterfuck of a year. Rather than giving you an arbitrary list of the books that just happened to resonate with me, be recommended to me, or show up on my Twitter feed that one time, I went out and did the research to find which books were making a difference for real copywriters and why. So if you are looking for a real list of beneficial copywriting books rather than yet another lazy roundup of Amazon bestsellers, you’ll be glad you found this list.
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