21 Of The Most Entertaining Audiobooks For Your Next Road Trip Or Flight

Looking for a travel companion this summer and can’t stand the thought of another podcast? How about an adventurous mouse, a mystical witch, a glamorous midcentury socialite . . . or even Mary Shelley? All are characters from the best books who come to life on this list of seriously great audiobooks. Whether you’re flying to foreign lands or taking a road trip across the country with your kiddos, we’ve rounded up 21 books to keep you company while you travel. And if you’re looking for free audiobooks for your next road trip or flight, there are plenty of free trials to be had. Our best piece of advice? Stop swiping through various apps and books-on-tape and dig into the offerings of Amazon and Audible.
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If you’re traveling on a family road trip with elementary-age children
If you’re traveling with tweens and teens
If you want diverting nonfiction audiobooks
Fiction to get lost in