16 Of The Best Running Books Recommended By Fellow Runners

Lately, I’ve begun to ask myself exactly why I run (perhaps I was prompted by Google’s year in review video). Running is hard, really hard, and it hurts, a lot with one author in this list even describes running as an ‘irrational passion’. Yet, despite the pain, you’ll still find me sticking on my running shoes and heading out the door most days. So, in the pursuit of answers, I turned to running books. What became clear was that reading about other peoples’ experiences with running was not only a great way to identify the why, but also to keep inspiration and motivation high.
With this in mind, I thought I’d compile a list of the absolute best running books out there. To do so, I asked some of the Let’s Do This team for their favourites. There were a real mixture of recommendations; ultra running books, running books for training, running books for motivation. Some are absolute must-reads, some offer quirky insights into individuals in the space and some will motivate you to get up and out the door.
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