The 13 Best Books About Witchcraft

Now that you've decided you want to learn about contemporary Wicca or another modern Pagan path, what should you read? After all, there are literally thousands of books on the subject. Some are good, but others... well, not so much. Be sure to read What Makes a Book Worth Reading? for some insight as to what separates the good from the bad. This list features the thirteen books that every Wiccan – and many other Pagans – should have on their shelves. A few are historical, a few more focus on modern Wiccan practice, but they're all worth reading more than once. Bear in mind that while some books may purport to be about Wicca, they are often focused on NeoWicca, and do not contain the oathbound, or secret, material found in traditional Wiccan practice. That said, there is still a lot of great information that you can learn from them!
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