12 Books Worth Adding to Your Summer Book List

There's something about summer reading that soothes the soul. Perhaps its because you know you have two months filled with relaxing days where you will find yourself getting much-needed rest while engrossing yourself in a good read from your summer book list. Whether that's at a fun picnic in the park, some quiet time in the comfort of your bedroom, or under the summer sun for beach reads, books are where your mind is left to run wild while undisturbed.Granted, it doesn't matter much where you find your preferred reading spot, considering as your eyes dance along the pages, you will end up transported to another world anyway. Even if you weren't able to take that European summer vacation, pick up a good book from the summer book list, and your mind will convince you that you are in fact eating a croissant as you look upon the Eiffel Tower in the far distance.
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