10 Of The Best Queer Romance Novels To Fall In Love With

Queer love has existed for as long as romance itself has been around. And ever since the advent of romance books, there has been a quiet corner of the shelf dedicated to LGBTQ+ stories — but that corner has been getting louder and bigger in recent years. Queer fiction, and queer romance specifically, has seen a huge spike in sales, even as anti-LGBTQ+ politicians have essentially declared a war on books in schools and public libraries. You can try to put obstacles in their way, but readers will get what they want. With LGBTQ+ romance stories more mainstream and easier to find than ever, we’re a little spoiled for choice. And it’s about time! We all want to see our own realities reflected in the stories we read. Representation is incredibly important. As much as we may want to unquestionably love and value our own experiences with love, there’s something powerful about the validation we get from seeing our love stories reflected back to us in contemporary fiction.
While there are a wealth of excellent LGBTQ+ novels that are worth a read right now, below are 10 of the best contemporary romance novels celebrating queer and trans love.
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