10 Crime Books By Writers Of Color That Should Not Be Missed

If you’re a fan of crime fiction and you’re not reading books by writers of color, you’re missing out big time. Oh, the places you’ll go, as the good doctor predicted, if you gamely walk in another man’s shoes down urban alleyways, lonely rural roads or even a different country at a different time not your own. It’s about the crime, sure – the body, the knife, the gun, the poison, the rope – but it’s just as much about the journey, the steady hands on the tiller, and the rich tapestry woven from different voices from different rooms that elevate the artform and give it vibrancy and depth and a dose of real. Hidden gems are only hidden because no one goes looking for them. I’ve compiled a list, admittedly subjective, of a few of the crime books by writers of color readers should not miss out on. I say a few because this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The bench is deep. There are heavy hitters in the rotation. There are writers on that bench whose work will make you weep and think and change. Writers who will open a whole new world or cause you to question the old one. Good stories. Strong stories. Thoughtful writers. But don’t take my word for it, pick one, read one, learn for yourself.
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See the source list and commentary at crimereads.com