10 Books That Are Perfect For Your Single Girl Era

Entering your single era isn’t a bad thing. If Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” taught us anything, it’s that we’re capable of loving ourselves better than anyone else can. Besides, the first image of singledom shouldn’t be Bridget Jones singing “All By Myself” alone in her flat while chugging a glass of wine. Don’t get me wrong: everyone should have the emotional freedom to process a difficult breakup in whatever way they need to grieve, but there is so much more to being single than wishing you weren’t. Being on your own can be celebratory. (Did I celebrate a small victory when I fixed a broken cabinet all on my own? Yes. I did.) This is a period where you’re able to put yourself first without worrying about anyone else, and you may even find that this era of your life surprises you in ways you didn’t expect. That being said, if you, like me, want to read books about the single experience—whether you’re coming off a fresh breakup, happily single and thriving, or opening yourself up to love again—I’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a few books for single women that encapsulate all the above—and to really kick this off, allow me to set the mood. Ahem, ALEXA, PLAY “BETTER BY MYSELF” BY HEY VIOLET.
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