Elizabeth April

Hello curious soul.There's a reason you were drawn to this book. Maybe you're dissatisfied with what you've been told you "should be." Maybe you know there's something bigger out there, waiting for you, but the people in your life just don't understand. Maybe you feel crazy or alone, like part of you is dying.You're not dying. You're just waking up.Even if you have seen my content before, it's time to strap in and hold on tight because this is not your average text. It's your soul's reminder of how powerful you are, and of how much you already know! Stop living your life in safety and stagnation. Stop making choices through obligation and attachment. Step up, live your life to the fullest. You are ready, and the world is waiting.The Awakening Journey dives deep into the stages of: anxiety, emotions & apathy, ego death, being an empath, 11:11, what is the 5th dimension, soul purpose & mission, cosmic identity & soul family, ending with a little bit of quantum physics! During this epic spiritual awakening overview, Elizabeth April takes you on a journey through all the stages of what a human experiences during their ascension! Waking up isn't easy, and not knowing why your life is changing can be difficult. The Awakening Journey will give you the knowledge you need to stay empowered throughout your evolutionary shift from the 3rd dimension frequency into the 5th dimension and beyond! We invite you to join us on this epic awakening journey. Are you ready?Are you having symptoms of awakening? How does the awakening affect us? The world is shifting into a new vibrational frequency. This book is a guide to help you on your journey of self realization and ascension. We are moving from 3D to 5D and it sucks! What is the 5th dimension? Elizabeth April's book The Awakening Journey will help you deep dive into your vibration, the matrix system, anxiety and emotions, your soul mission and purpose as well as quantum physics and aliens.

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You're Not Dying You're Just Waking Up