Matthew Syed
2019 |
Juvenile Nonfiction

WHAT IF YOU COULD BECOME AWESOME AT (ALMOST) ANYTHING? It's not as impossible as you might imagine. If you're the kind of person who thinks ... I need a special type of brain to do math You're either good at sports or you're not I don't have a musical bone in my body Challenge the beliefs that hold you back Whatever you want to be good at, the right mindset can help you achieve your dreams. Times journalist, two-time Olympian, and bestselling author Matthew Syed demonstrates how grit, resilience, and a positive mindset can help in every aspect of your life--from school to friendships to sports to hobbies. Using examples of role models from Serena Williams to Mozart, You Are Awesome shows how success is earned rather than given, and that talent can be acquired through practice and a positive attitude. Practical, insightful, and positive, this is the book to help you build resilience, embrace your mistakes, and grow into a more successful, happier YOU

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You Are Awesome