Rich Blecher

A teenage boy Zack Bate was injected with an experimental device by his scientist father. His father was killed for it, forcing Zack to flee and hide in an orphanage. Those looking for the device came to the orphanage, Zack and his true love fled the orphanage to a shuttle destined for the planet Xima. They traveled as free citizens, but upon arrival, they were enslaved by the tyrant who controlled Xima. Zack was forced to fight as a gladiator while his Love Katia was an enslaved servant. Zack's strength grew from the device and just when he was confident to fight his way out and free his true love, He was purchased by General Tonya Skyler who knew Zack's Father. Skyler trained Zack to fight, to rid Xima of it's scum, but also to return to Earth to stop decades of civil War. Just when Skyler and Zack cleaned Xima, they found Katia was sold back to the very people who hunted Zack and returned to Earth.

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