Bonnie Miller
2020 |

Get the scoop on lady poop with this liberating and hilarious collection of historical anecdotes, scientific facts, and toilet-related trivia! Everybody poops, and that means everybody. Women are no strangers to time on the can, but for centuries women have been pressured to pretend otherwise. It’s time to reclaim our right to let some sh*t go! Women Don’t Poop and Other Lies offers a humorous look at the history and trivia around this most basic bodily function. From the pioneer days when women had to create pop-up port-a-potties with their skirts to modern-day workplace restroom anxiety, this book reveals surprising, funny facts about women’s colons (they’re longer than men’s), toilet design (not so female-friendly), and much more—for the perfect feminist bathroom read.

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Women Don't Poop & Other Lies

Toilet Trivia, Gender Rolls, and the Sexist History of Pooping