Lars Walker
1999 |

A DRAFT FROM THE PAST There's something unnerving about the October north wind. It makes a wolf in the wilderness turn southward, in search of dangerous prey. It gets inside people's ears, opening their minds to bizarre ideas. It gets under their skin, inclining them to violence. Of course there's the comet too, a spectacular one, tracked by ordinary people in back yards, and by not-so-ordinary cult members at the top of a makeshift observatory. Something's gusting into Epsom, Minnesota. A witch in her quiet house feels it with dread. A young disc jockey feels it with confusion. A world-famous Norwegian poet greets it with triumph. And Professor Carl Martell listens to its song with worry¾because Martell cannot tell a lie, but he knows one when he hears it. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). Praise for Lars Walker's Erling's Word: "... many fierce battles, both with men and with sendings from the other gods.. . a Norse saga wrapped in a hair shirt.. . introspective and bloody...." ¾VOYA

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Wolf Time