David Benjamin

Saint Paul, Private Eye! It is written, in Matthew, that Jesus, on the cross, cried out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Was this all Jesus said? Who was present to hear him say anything at all? His disciples had fled in fear. Roman soldiers surrounded him. Was there a secret revealed at the Crucifixion -- lost forever because there was no one to bear witness? Paul, the "saint" who for ten years tormented the followers of Jesus, suffers visions of the Crucifixion. He is haunted by its secret. After fleeing near-death in Damascus, Paul begins a quest for one witness who can solve... ... the Golgotha murder mystery Paul's winding journey carries him far and wide throughout the Holy Land -- and beyond. He faces constant danger from a host of enemies -- from the King of Syria to the powerful brother of Jesus, known as James the Just. Paul is beaten, mobbed, knifed, shipwrecked, cast away, bewitched and flung into prison. His only "friend" is a rogue apostle named Iscariot, whose death was "greatly exaggerated." Paul's tortuous quest ends at last in Jerusalem, in the midnight gloom of Herod's Great Temple. At last, Paul meets his witness and faces the most shocking revelation of his life.

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Witness to the Crucifixion