Terri Buckingham

We have been operating in the dark. We do not know the spiritual laws of the universe, but these laws are ever-present and inviolable. Or, that is to say, if we violate them, things do not work as they should. And yet, because we do not know these laws, we are constantly offending them. That's why our lives are in such a tangle!In Winning Again: Rules of Engagement for Spiritual War, the Lord begins to reveal the laws of the universe. There are probably thousands of laws, but this book discloses the first 101 He wants us to know. It is time for the church to win again. The time of the end is near enough that the Lord is explaining things He has long kept secret. These laws are a part of that disclosure. Look for many more in the future!We know who wins. And if we are with Him, we, too, will win again!

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Winning Again

Rules of Engagement for Spiritual War