Gary Cosby, Jr
2024 |

The Nazi SS launch a new unit designed to ferret out occult objects to empower Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. A shadowy former priest, now employed by demons, becomes an advisor to the German Chancellor. His appearances at the Chancellory leave Hitler's minions quivering with fear, but Hitler welcomes the occult power this sham priest offers. The Luciferians, the special SS division that works under the direction of The Priest, travel the world at his direction. One object he desires above all others is a complete copy of a Gnostic Gospel, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. He has heard that one exists in Egypt. If he can lay his hands on it, he intends to "prove" that Jesus Christ married Mary of Magdala and that they produced physical offspring who became the forefathers of the German Aryan. It matters not to him that there is no truth in the supposition. Where there is a great evil, great good must rise to oppose it. That is where Will Danger and The Family take their stand. Danger and his group must fight on both the natural and the spiritual levels to prevent the Luciferians from laying their hands on the ancient manuscript. The battles that follow are both natural and spiritual and are fought in the unseen realm of spirits as well as the natural realm of man.

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Will Danger

The Luciferian Brigade