Jarred Jameson

Why can't you attract and keep a QUALITY man? It's because you don't know how they really think. But this groundbreaking new book changes all that ... The fact is, you can attract a man. It doesn't matter if you are tall, short, fat or skinny. It doesn't matter what color your skin is. It doesn't matter whether you are filthy rich or flat broke. You can get a man. But the problem is, will he be the honorable, virtuous and committed guy that you really deserve? I'm betting not. What Men Wish You Knew is packed with 40 uncommon and powerful insights from a male perspective that will help you secure the quality man you deserve. It is a rare and revealing look inside the male mind when it comes to dating and relationships. Now I want to be upfront with you. This book isn't always going to be polite. It isn't going to spare your feelings. It isn't here to coddle you. This book is here to speak the truth to women who are truly fed up with all of the frankly useless advice out there that is getting them nowhere. It's an insider's guide to what men really think about women and how you can use this hidden knowledge to your advantage to win a great guy. You will discover: ✅ How to stand out from the crowd and command his attention ✅ How the male mind differentiates between women for a casual fling or lasting love ✅ The personality trait men consider a MASSIVE red flag - never do this ✅ A unique form of confidence (not arrogance) that will act like a magnet ✅ A common conversation topic you MUST AVOID for a long-term relationship ✅ Why you should NEVER become his 'pal' (full revealing explanation inside) ✅ The NUMBER ONE thing genuine guys are looking for from you ✅ The behavior you are exhibiting that's an INSTANT TURN-OFF to quality men ✅ What committed men REALLY think about looks, beauty and body image (it's not what you think) ✅ Why he unexpectedly lashes out or zones out on you ✅ How to act on the first few dates to have him hooked ✅ The trait that makes you IRRESISTABLE to good men - and repels losers and time-wasters ✅ Why men NEED the chase to retain interest in you - and how you can prolong it ✅ What he wants in the bedroom - but refuses to tell you These are just some of the rare insights you will gain that will turn your dating life around. You will not find this information anywhere else. I'll make a deal with you. I promise not to spew any of that generic, fluffy dating advice that simply doesn't work and give you the straight up facts that will help you land the guy of your dreams. But in return, you have to leave all of your fixed notions and baggage at the door and be open to a new way of thinking. Let's just agree that from now on we are entering no-bullsh*t zone. Agreed? About the author Jarred Jameson has been a leading dating and relationship coach for 20 years and in that time has helped thousands of clients. He has a masters degree in psychology and majored in gender dynamics and cognitive reasoning. What Men Wish You New is his groundbreaking work that lifts the lid on what men really want from women and relationships. These insights have helped thousands of women finally find the quality partners they have been searching for. So if you are ready to start a new chapter and allow 'the one' into your life, scroll up and click Add to Cart now - and let's start this exciting journey!

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What Men Wish You Knew

The 40 Rules to Attract a Man and Keep Him (Dating Advice For Women)