Adam Smith
2024 |
Political Science

"The Wealth of Nations" is the famous work by Adam Smith. In addition to theoretical analysis of the functioning of so-called commercial societies, the advantages and problems associated with the division of labor, value, income distribution, and capital accumulation, the book brings historical considerations and abundant empirical material, being considered a turning point in the development of the history of economic thought. Published in the same year as the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the work laid the foundations of thought for economists, politicians, mathematicians, biologists, and thinkers in all fields. "The Wealth of Nations" represented a clear paradigm shift in the field of economics, comparable to Charles Darwin's work on the origin of species for biology. As one of the most cited books of all time, "The Wealth of Nations" is a work that undoubtedly deserves to be read.

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The Wealth Of Nations - Adam Smith