L S Berthelsen

Tricky business, growing up in medieval Scotland (1296) amidst a devastating English invasion. Yet a band of Scottish Templars and mysterious warriors help three young Scots escape war-torn Scotland with the priceless H?ling treasures. Their odyssey challenges them to navigate adversity in a voyage of inward discovery to awaken their own personal power and embrace their unconventional aptitudes. Unbeknownst to Adam, Hannah, and James, Lord Lair Eagan and his Templar companions are grooming them for a destiny of service to humanity. Their rigorous training truly begins when they reach safety among the mystic brethren of the Star. A celestial wyvern cultivates some unusual relationships with human companions, inspiring visions of realms beyond earth. This intricate narrative spans the heights and depths of spiritual possibilities, where collective memory mingles with visionary imagination beyond mere fantasy.

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Voyage of the Templar Guardians

Book Two of the Temple Chronicles