E.R. Yatscoff
2017 |
Young Adult Fiction

Evens Duluce, a small ambitious Haitian boy, knows the man who poisoned Scraps, his dog. He can do little about it and vows to get even somehow, some way. The man who did it is a local tough guy and the odds of getting justice for the crime are slim to none. Unfortunately, Evens has no Harry Potter wand or fantasy creatures to help. He's not sure how to get even for the dog’s death until he stumbles upon the dark secret of the high school bully, Algie. Evens, in Grade Ten and much too small to physically confront Algie, must find a way to control him. Manipulating the walking, talking slab of meat on the senior football team is risky and will likely be painful. Piece by piece Evens’ plan begins to gel as does his infamy as Voodoo Boy. Some say he’s insane, others say he’s hilarious, bold, but all agree he’s a bit scary. Evens manages most of the flyer and newspaper deliveries around his small town. With a vigilant eye, a suspicious streak, and a very good camera, he holds dark secrets about his customers, the seemingly ‘pillars’ of the community. They too, find their way into Evens’ complex plan where the enemies he makes are the only ones that can help him. Perhaps a little bit of voodoo will move things along. Perhaps there’s an Evens lurking in your town.

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Voodoo Bully