Katherine Grant
2021 |

A Shelf Unbound Best Indie Books Notable of 2022 When she discovers her family's enemy is hiding in plain sight, what choice does a lady have but to seduce him? Maximilian Hainsworth, Viscount Berwick, is on a mission: to write a scathing expose of England’s most famous country estate, Northfield Hall. While much of England praises Northfield Hall for its egalitarian economy and boycott of foreign imports, Max knows that the Preston family must have an alternative hidden income to explain Northfield's prosperity. Max is determined to uncover their secrets and humiliate the Prestons with an inflammatory report. Disguised as a carpenter, he gets himself hired so he can learn Northfield Hall’s secret ins and outs. A few things quickly go wrong with his plan: 1. He doesn’t bring his own tools 2. No one is willing to speak ill of the Prestons 3. He keeps accidentally flirting with Miss Ellen Preston Ellen can see plain as day that the new carpenter’s assistant lied about his experience with woodwork. She is willing to overlook this, especially since he is handsome and easy to talk to. However, when she overhears him asking strange questions, she does some investigating - and discovers he is one of her father’s biggest political enemies. Taking the matter into her own hands, Ellen vows to delay Max’s report any way she can. Even if that means kissing him again. Working against each other, Max and Ellen begin asking difficult questions about Northfield Hall. What they discover forces each of them to rethink their own assumptions and answer for themselves: are their principles more important than love? “5 Stars - Come for the sex, stay for the economic debate, and stick around for more sex? Yes please.” - Plot Trysts Podcast Read this book if you love: strong heroines, strong female main characters, heroines with masculine jobs, female characters with men's jobs, bluestocking, bluestocking heroines, alpha heroes, alpha male, romances set in England, romances set in London, feminist romances, feminist historical romances, historical romances, fake identities, fake identity romance, secret identity romance, journalist hero, secret writer romance, romance at a country house, antiracist romance, opposites attract, opposites attract historical romance, enemies to lovers, enemies to lovers historical romance, steamy regency romance, steamy historical romance, sexy historical romance

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The Viscount Without Virtue