Angelo Marcos

What if there was an enemy you could never escape? Life isn't funny anymore for stand-up comedian Nick. His support group doesn't like him, his girlfriend doesn't like him, and his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder definitely doesn't like him. Wanting to be taken seriously as an actor, Nick lands a role in a film and meets up with an incarcerated criminal in order to get into character. Enter Gideon Matthias. Gideon is a force of nature possessing brawn, brains, and an almost preternatural gift of perception. A man who beats a fellow inmate to death while describing the emotions they're feeling. Nick finds Gideon both dangerous and fascinating, and is deeply affected by his philosophy that everyone is a victim of their own minds. As Nick contends against the invisible enemies in his mind, Gideon contends against the very much visible enemies in the jail - one of which he has crossed too many times. The two men fight to survive in their respective arenas until Gideon decides to take action. He seeks out his new friend, and their paths cross as Gideon seeks revenge for the past. A past that Nick wasn't even aware of... Author Q and A Where did the idea come from? This idea for this psychological thriller actually came out of something that happened while I was - appropriately enough - studying psychology. During a cognitive psychology lecture, the tutor was describing optical illusions and explained that even though we know how the illusions work, we will always fall victim of them. It doesn't matter how much knowledge we have or how many times we see the same picture, we will ALWAYS be fooled. So that's the central premise of the novel - that we're all victims of our own minds. (With a bit of murder and intrigue thrown in, obviously...) Who would like this book? I'm tempted to just say 'everybody who loves bestselling, compelling, incredibly well-written, and amazingly good books!' but that may be going a bit far... So I'll just say anybody who likes suspense and mysteries, and who also enjoys the psychological aspects of crime and what makes criminals tick. The main character has been likened by a reviewer to Myron Bolitar (from the books of Harlan Coben), and the main criminal was likened to Hannibal Lecter crossed with Charles Bronson - so I guess if you're fans of them, you'll probably like this too.

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Victim Mentality