Odie Hawkins
2019 |

"Urban Nomads and Other Stories" offers the reader the possibility of being able to experience lifestyles, different people, circumstances that he/she might not ever experience during the normal course of their daily lives. In the era of "Fake News" and attacks on journalists, you read about two journalists who immerse themselves with urban nomads to get the story their editors' want for City Beat Magazine. Those familiar with barbershops know that there is a different vibe culturally in a shop that is in one area of town versus another area. This book gives you a chance to visit a barbershop in Compton, California where elders still get respect. Times of racial tension are not much different than they were years ago. 1960's period piece of "Racial Stuff", provides insights on what a Northern Black man experienced in the Deep South. Unique experiences of a Black boy's with "Five Uncles and a Daddy". All families, especially Black families are not the same. All poor families are not the same as all "po" families. There's a "Honeymoon Tent" on St. Julien Street, which shows some people don't surrender to their circumstances. Finally, there are photos that take you onto the streets, moments in time in "Urban Nomads". There is a strong possibility that a close reading of this book will change their lives positively, forever.

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Urban Nomads and Other Stories