M. Esther Lovejoy
2021 |

Let go of your perception of holiness. Holiness is not an endless list of "thou shalt nots." It's not how we behave, what we think, or how we react or respond to life and the people around us. A frequent retreat and conference speaker with over thirty years of ministry experience, M. Esther Lovejoy leads us back to the scriptural understanding of holiness. In An Unnatural Beauty, you'll discover... - Foundational truths from Scripture - The path to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God - Holiness can't be achieved through our own efforts. With relatable stories, Esther challenges us with God's call to holiness and encourages us with God's enabling to make this real and practical in our lives. Holiness is not a what, but a glorious Who, and He's inviting you to share in His divine nature. Buy An Unnatural Beauty today and begin your journey toward a more intimate relationship with God.

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An Unnatural Beauty: Rediscovering the Beauty of Holiness