Annaries Venter
2024 |
Young Adult Fiction

A human girl who has never fallen in love before. A Werewolf prince who could never find his true Mate. Fate's hand weaves their lives together as they come to realize their role as Fated Mates and the girl loses her virginity to the wolf Prince. As their affection deepens, their love story faces resistance from a society of wolves who can't bear the thought of a human sharing a bond with one of their own. Battling against adversity, the pair fights to overcome every hurdle, only to be ensnared by a devious plot. One of the Prince's old wolf flings framed him by giving him a strong drug and making it look like they had slept together. Allie was devastated, because how could he have cheated on her after he said that they were Mates and only meant for each other? She runs away without him knowing it. She had to get far away from him. When the prince got to his senses, His human Mate was already gone. He was heartbroken. Everyone told him that his Mate had run away with another man. He didn't want to believe it. It didn't make sense. However, she discovers that she is pregnant with the wolf prince's baby shortly after she runs away. This newfound truth complicates her decision to return to the prince's side, as the shadows of past betrayals linger. Will the scars of the past ever heal enough for her to confront her traumatic past and reveal their child's existence? Will the wolf prince ever find out about his Mate carrying his baby?

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A True Luna