Tony Flood
2016 |

"Triple Tease is a first-rate spicy whodunnit with great twists and sensational sex scenes that knock Fifty Shades of Grey into the shade! And you'll never guess the ingenious ending!" So says actor and writer ALAN BAKER. And director Patric Kearns declares: "Triple Tease is a brilliant thriller. It's also wickedly funny, steamily sexy and impossible to put down." Other rave reviews include: "Triple Tease is a sexy, addictive thriller - a real gem! - STUART PINK, THE SUN. "Talented former journalist Tony Flood makes an exciting entry into the world of crime writing by treating thriller fans to a Triple Tease" - PETER JAMES, No. 1 best selling crime writer. Do the ends justify the means? Thats the ethical dilemma Tony Floods pacy, hot crime thriller turns on. Super delicious heroine Katrina seeks revenge for the assault on her sister and gets it. She then challenges compassionate copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap. This riveting read is brimful with colourful characters and sensual sex! - BRIAN CAPRON, actor (serial killer Richard Hillman in Coronation Street). Ingenious, irresistible thriller laced with humour and sizzling sex scenes that, for me, outdo those of E.L. James, Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper - FRANCIS WAIT, author of Without Their Consent. You can download the first chapter FREE by going to the website There is no obligation to buy it, but you will probably want to do so once you have read the compelling first chapter!

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Triple Tease