J. V. Hilliard
2023 |

A challenge from the Ancients.Daemus Alaric and his band of dauntless companions venture to the Devil's Horn, the mystical home of Trillias, the mercurial Ancient of Sport and Tests. Their quest-to recover the lost Tome of Enlightenment, cast into the bowels of the mysterious Laurentian Labyrinth by the fallen Keeper, Graytorris the Mad. Will they survive the god's gambit?A villain rises and darkness follows.Far away in Castle Thronehelm, Princess Addilyn Elspeth and Sir Ritter of Valkeneer arrive, warning the kingdom of the fall of the Cathedral of the Watchful Eye. As they travel north to prepare for war, they must not only defeat the relentless Bone elf assassin Incanus Dru'Waith but choose between their forbidden love-or their obligations to the realm. A choice between true love or duty to the realm.If you enjoy magical tales told with gripping action and harrowing adventure, you'll love this epic and dark fantasy series. "Vorodin's Lair not only doesn't disappoint, it has cemented J.V. Hilliard as one of the fantasy authors you simply must be reading." -Philip Athans, author of Writing Monsters and the Watercourse Trilogy

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The Trillias Gambit