Kiss Leilani
2024 |

"I snuck into his house to terminate him, but something else happened that night. He crept into my life... and I didn't see him coming." - The Torturer's Journal. . . He saves lives, and she takes them. He is a ray of sunshine, while she is as dark as a moonless night. They call her a monster, and they are not wrong. She tortures people for a living and loves her job, a woman who cares about nothing and no one-not even herself. A failed mission brings with it a burden of guilt and gut-wrenching realizations. The torturer had to become a protector. However, there was a problem she never counted on. With each day, she fights these alien feelings growing within her at the sight of the handsome doctor. It baffles her greatly. Because how does one go from the desire to end a man's life to wanting to sit on his face? To be wrapped in his arms? To sleep in his embrace? How do one's thoughts go from I-want-to-rip-out-his-heart-and-feed-it-to-him to I-want-to-ride-him-till-dawn? Terrifyingly confusing. Every bit of it. How does a soul, cloaked in darkness, recognize the feeling of being loved? Can a heart, hardened as stone, learn to love? . . If you're looking for a book that features a villainous, kickass heroine-who doesn't know the word 'love' prior to meeting the hero-a quest for revenge packed with action scenes, and highly explicit, vividly described, and well-detailed steamy (xxx) scenes, then this book is for you. Please note: It does contain some content that may be triggering, so be sure to check the trigger warnings.

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The Torturer's Love

An Enemies To Lovers Romance Novel