R. L. Solberg
2019 |

www.TorahismBook.com - Are Christians required to keep the Law of Moses? How about the Ten Commandments? Was Jesus divine? Join R. L. Solberg in his new book, TORAHISM, where he confronts a modern heresy and dives into these and other critical questions related to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. "It all began with a series of Facebook posts that an old friend posted just after Thanksgiving. He was aggressively taking Christians to task for celebrating the 'pagan' holiday of Christmas. This struck me as odd because I'd always known he and his wife to be strong Christians. And while I've debated with plenty of atheists over the alleged pagan roots of Christmas, I'd never heard this charge leveled by a fellow Christian. So I decided to chime in on his posts and soon discovered that I had stepped into a mystery of, well, biblical proportions..." ENDORSEMENTS: "Over a decade ago, I came to know Rob Solberg. He impressed me back then with his searching heart, scholarly mind, and passion for apologetics. He has now offered a masterful work, well researched and very well-argued. Were I still a seminary professor, I would require my students to write reviews on this volume." Dr. Stephen Drake, Former Professor of Ministry at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary "Impressively written and researched! Aberrant theologies have existed throughout time, requiring trusted biblical guides to bring much-needed reproof. Rob Solberg does this superbly in his book, Torahism. And, he accomplishes this task with much 'gentleness and respect' (1 Peter 3:15). Even if you are not immediately confronted with this heresy, a careful reading of Rob's book will deepen your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ." Ed Smith, Ph.D., President, Williamson College "Engaging and well-developed content on a tough topic. Rob addresses lofty theological issues with incredible accessibility and application. He reminds us to not just stay in our heads and win arguments but to love people well as we fight for what is true." Derek Bareman, Lead Pastor, Church of the City Spring Hill "This is an excellent, balanced, scholarly refutation of the heretical teaching of Torahism. Solberg does so with a wide array of Scripture, great Christian writers across the centuries, and impeccable logic. Not only does it address and answer the challenge of this new heresy, it serves as an apologetic in the best tradition of Christian scholarship. Exceptional work. I have reviewed thousands of books in 30 years. This book deserves to be read!" Reverend David "Doc" Kirby (retired), Host of the On The Bookshelf podcast FROM THE FORWARD BY PAUL WILKINSON, Ph.D. - "The best conversations are those that happen spontaneously amongst sincere, passionate seekers wanting to learn, mature, and progress in their faith and life. R. L. Solberg has blessed us by inviting us into just such a conversation . . . This book is a read that flows because it originates in genuine conversations between friends and passionate believers. It is reminiscent of the ancient dialogues with questions, points, and counterpoints. But be sure to catch this truth: Solberg's work is not about how to do the least work for the most grace, nor is it about how to avoid obligations, duties, and work. No, much more than that, Solberg's question is about how we who claim to be children of God best glorify, worship, and obey him . . . Solberg wants to know what it means to be "godly" and "righteous" in light of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I invite you into Rob and his friends' conversation. I was challenged, encouraged, and taught by the insights he brings to the fore. I pray that you heed his call to take seriously what it means for the Christian to live the godly life; to be like Jesus."

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Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses?