Nancy Baker
2014 |

A fairy tale with bite—vampire-style. “Don’t hold your breath waiting for Disney to film this very adult and erotic version of Beauty and the Beast.” —Winnipeg Free Press “Will you give me your blood to drink, though you die of it?” In an unexpected twist on a fairy tale, an artist goes into the wilderness to fulfill his father’s debt and finds himself the prisoner of a dangerously beautiful inhuman monster. “A Terrible Beauty is modern Canadian Gothic . . . Nancy Baker shows her mastery of the form—the mysterious letter, the journey into the wilderness, the shadows that hide from the flickering firelight—and her real affection for a good ol’ fashioned vampire yarn.” —The Telegraph Journal (Saint John) “Baker’s narrative is seductive and compelling. Like Rice, she transcends the horror genre.” —Province Showcase (Vancouver) “A polished and enchanting tale . . . It is, in a word, breathtaking.” —Ottawa Citizen “Baker’s prose is lush and sensual . . . she has a real gift for making the fantastic seem plausible and investing the mundane with eerie significance.” —Toronto Sun “A very interesting and unique take on Beauty and the Beast.” —SFFP Romance

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A Terrible Beauty