Cheryl Gerou

Tears in a Bottle takes you on life's journey with the men and women of Sugar Crest People struggling through painful times similar to what you and I deal with the heart-wrenching grief of an unexpected death, the disappointment and frustration of a failing marriage, the paralyzing fears resulting from parental abandonment, the financial struggles of a single parent, and the pressure of an overwhelming job, just to name a few. How will these men and women deal with their painful hardships? Where will they turn when all seems so hopeless? Can reaching for the Lord even help? Does He answer prayer? Does He care about our day-to-day lives? Will God show Himself faithful amid it all? Or will they be blinded by their pain? Coma along to Sugar Crest, you may discover treasured truths to hold onto as you find yourself in the pages of this book.

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Tears in a Bottle

Hearts Crying out for Hope