Jyoti Pathak
2007 |

"The landlocked nation of Nepal is tucked into the Himalayan Mountains between India and China (Tibet). Possessed of a varied landscape and such treasures as Mount Everest, the Nepalese are proud of their time-worn temples, sublime scenery, hiking trails, and a rich and vibrant culture. The cuisine is surprisingly diverse for such a small country, with influences from Chinese and Indian culinary methods and tastes. One of the very few Nepali cookbooks on the market, Taste of Nepal is a thorough and comprehensive guide to this cuisine, featuring more than 350 authentic recipes, a section on well-known Nepali herbs and spices, menu planning, Nepalese kitchen equipment, and delightful illustrations. Instructions are clearly detailed and most ingredients are readily available in the United States. Complete with illustrations. There is something for everyone in this book. For the most timid cook--Fried Rice (Baasi-Bhaat Bhutuwa) or Stir-Fried Chicken (Kukhura Taareko) are easily achievable. The adventurous home chef will be tempted to try Goat Curry (Khasi-Boka ko Maasu) and Sun-Dried Fish with Tomato Chutney (Golbheda ra Sidra Maacha)." -- Amazon.com viewed August 31, 2020.

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Taste of Nepal