Lynn M. Griesemer
2018 |
Health & Fitness

Hard-hitting and opinionated, accusatory and bold, "Take Back Your Birth" inspires women to ask, "What do I want for my childbirth experience?" Women are given mixed messages in our culture. On the one hand, they are told they can do anything they want. Yet, a cultural hypnosis entices women into giving birth in the hospital, heavily medicated, with inductions and C-sections, leaving women disappointed and disillusioned. "Take Back Your Birth" ignites the heart, the mind, and the emotions. A major theme of this book is feminine empowerment, with a strong bias for natural homebirth. This book is for any woman who desires a dignified and satisfying childbirth experience. If you are educated on the birth process and make decisions that you are comfortable with, then your birth can be the beautiful experience it was meant to be. "Take Back Your Birth" emphasizes inner preparation and goal setting for your birth, something which is sorely lacking in our culture. "Successful" childbirth is not a self-centered approach to birth or an emphasis on orgasmic birth, but rather encompasses what is best for the mother, baby and family unit. It's about purposely seeking the safest and most satisfying situation possible. It's about looking toward an event fully prepared, expecting the best. "Take Back Your Birth" presents the forces against natural childbirth and the pitfalls of relying on experts and technology. Birth is much more than a medical event. It is possibly THE highlight of a woman's sexuality. When you are able to tap into your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical power, your childbirth experience can become an opportunity for true, long-lasting joy. The pivotal question to ask when seeing an autonomous birth is: "IS THIS PROCEDURE ABSOLUTELY, MEDICALLY NECESSARY IN MY CASE?" Is there any one truth about birth? Why do hospital delivery rooms mimic the home? Is this recognition that birth should be private? Would you like more privacy? Are you willing to make decisions and take actions based on your inner yearnings? Do you have a vision for your birth experience? Do you want complete freedom for your birth or do you prefer a system that helps shape your birth? Lynn offers a feminist and Christian / Catholic perspective of birth in Part II, "New Perspectives on Birth." Topics include exploitation of women, natural law, theology of the body, the Sacrament of Matrimony, conjugal love, husband and wife birth, and the author's personal story. "Take Back Your Birth" focuses on the observational and intuitive, with a little evidence thrown in because Lynn thinks women need to tap into their feminine power as opposed to being told what the evidence (evidence based medical birth) recommends. You are here to contribute something unique to the human race and one of the greatest challenges that will test a woman's mental and physical strength is the act of childbirth. Take back your birth so that it can be everything you've dreamed it would be.

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Take Back Your Birth: Inspiration for Expectant Moms