Doris Swift

What threatens to steal your joy today? As a leader in women's ministry, Doris Swift has counseled countless women who have forgotten their worth, question their value and can't find their joy. Have you been there? When the struggles of this world drain us dry and wring us out, our desert mentality becomes fertile ground for the enemy's lies to grow. We place our trust in what we see and feel instead of in the God we know and love. The enemy may threaten to steal our joy-but the truth is, he can't crack the code. God has infused us with his joy, his Spirit, and his love; we are soaked in his living water which cannot be drained dry -and we are filled with his joy that cannot be emptied out. Surrender the Joy Stealers is a strategic six-week Bible study rooted in John 15, which helps women rediscover the overflowing, ever-present Jesus joy within, that fills them, empowers them, and ripens the fruit God produces in their lives. Using personal stories and biblical application, women will learn how to identify their joy stealers, surrender them to God, reawaken the joy within them, and share that joy with others.

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Surrender the Joy Stealers

Rediscover the Jesus Joy in You