Kristen Schroder
2022 |
Juvenile Fiction

There are certain mysteries of the universe we will never understand. Getting your family ready and out the door for church on Sunday morning is one of them. Sunday Morning Chaos is the perfect book for the church pew! Everyone has been there. The alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze. And then before you know it, you're late. Most people will just skip their morning routine and run out the door. But when you have a family of 10 that's a whole different story... Hilariously told from the point of view of the baby, Sunday Morning Chaos, lives up to its title by showing the absolute chaos and strength it takes to get a family of 10 ready for church. Witness Mom digging in the dryer looking for twins' clothes again, Dad trying to make breakfast for everyone, and the oldest siblings looking for their brother's inevitably lost shoe. Written by the family-focused influencer, Kristen Schroder (@ourdarlingchaos), a mother of 9 herself, Sunday Morning Chaos is filled with relatable humor while also explaining the importance of preparing for Church.

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Sunday Morning Chaos